Fortified Church Marpod

Fortified Church Marpod in Marpod
Fortified Church Marpod in Marpod
Fortified Church Marpod in Marpod
Fortified Church Marpod in Marpod
Fortified Church Marpod in Marpod
Fortified Church Marpod in Marpod


The furnishings of the church, pulpit, altar, offering box and galleries were created in the classicist style in the 19th century.


The three-part altar consists of a central image flanked by two round arches with two statues of the apostles. The central image is flanked by two Corinthian columns, above which is a pediment with a cross and ears of corn. The decoration is neo-Gothic. The middle picture was painted in 1926 by Hans Hermann (Sibiu).


The organ with a baroque case was built in 1762 by Johannes Hahn.


The church is surrounded by a quadrangular ring, in the corners of which originally stood four towers in the direction of the bisecting line. The two remaining towers in the southeast and northeast of the complex have tent roofs. The old town hall is attached to the circular wall to the south of the church.


1200-1300 Construction of a Romanesque basilica. Only a Romanesque capital remains from this first church, which is now built into the first southern pillar of the church.
1349 The place was mentioned for the first time under the name "Meyerpoth". Count Nikolaus of Marpod, together with the Counts of Altina, represented the Nocrich chair at the assembly of the seven chairs.
1494-1509 Marpod receives support from the Treasury of the Province of Sibiu for the fortification of the towers mentioned by Marpod. Parts of the side walls of the church hall and remains of the fortified church have been preserved from this construction period.
1500 The place is a free community of the Nocrich chair. It is inhabited by 13 families, a schoolmaster and 2 shepherds.
1528 The people from Marpod take two artilleries from the armory of Sibiu to their fortified church.
1669 Bishop Stephan Adami allowed the Marpod community to collect alms for the reconstruction of their church and tower, which had been set on fire by the Tartars.
1685 In Marpod 33 farms are deserted and 5 burned down.
1785-1798 The Marpod church gets its current appearance.

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