Diversify Your Farm

Sell Products & Organize workshops from home

Tourism for farmers:
Want to work in agritourism and don't know how to start?
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Agramonia is an app that helps you promote your services online
  1. An easy to use app, Zuzie our mascot explains everything about the app. We also provide you with a guide to help you with everything.
  2. Upon arrival, the tourist pays the amount requested by you in cash.
Diversify Your Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

Agramonia is free of charge for you! Agramonia is a community-based agritourism platform that helps you promote your offers and provides you with new income opportunities in tourism. . Tourists pay the desired amount in cash on arrival. But we ask for a booking fee from the tourists - this deposit ensures that the tourist really comes and that we can further promote your offers online. In short, you have no hidden costs and are paid the requested amount in cash by the tourist on arrival.

Agramonia is made for country people who are not so familiar with apps and technology. Our app is very easy to understand and our pig Zuzzi explains everything in the app, in addition we assist you with a guide that explains everything and supports you at all times. With Agramonia, everyone can work in tourism!

After you have installed our app and created a profile, you can promote your offers online. In the app we explain every step with our Zuzzi mascot. If you still need help, we'll provide you with a guide to help you through the process. The idea of Agramonia is for you to share experiences from your life with tourists, whether it's a tour of your farm, how you make brandy or how you forge a horseshoe. Agramonia allows you to offer workshops of any kind to tourists or you can sell products to tourists from home.

To join Agramonia as a farmer, you should live in the countryside and have enough organizational skills to not forget any bookings. What language you speak, whether your farm is clean or whether you are familiar with the cell phone, does not matter at Agramonia.

After every request we will send you a booking request, which you can confirm or decline. Our app allows you to flexibly enter your availability, your guide will help you manage your availability. If you regularly cancel your bookings, you will receive fewer bookings.

You can adjust your availability and prices in our app at any time. The app allows you to manage your offers independently.