Where history blends with the landscape

Picturesque villages and monumental buildings

Looking for unique places to visit in Romania? Discover Transylvania’s top sights, from its renowned fortified churches to its eco-tourism havens and idyllic villages that preserve the authentic heritage of the region.
Immerse yourself in the rural eco-tourism and uncover the secret Saxon fortified churches inviting you on a journey to the heart of Transylvania, where tradition and history intertwine in storybook landscapes. Ensure these sites are high on your itinerary, especially when visiting Sibiu, Brașov, and the enchanting Sighișoara.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transylvania is internationally recognized due to its unique fortified churches. Beyond the very well-known and exploited tourist spots like Bran or Hunedoara, there are real treasures, like the 120 medieval fortified churches in the heart of Transylvania, which can be found on the Agramonia platform.

There are many picturesque villages in Transylvania, each with its own story and atmosphere. Many of these are known for their fortified churches. Agramonia offers you a detailed list of these villages, helping you plan your visit.

Transylvania, a region renowned for its enigmatic and gothic legacy, boasts a number of haunted sites that provide insight into its rich and sometimes eerie history. As you delve into the spooky side of Transylvania, consider exploring the castles or fortified churches listed on our website. Additionally, the Transylvanian mountains are riddled with caves, which are also worth visiting. To truly grasp the mythical essence of Transylvania, we recommend connecting with the local villagers to gain an understanding of their lives and hear their stories firsthand.