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Agramonia-ABF SRL
Tipografilor 12, Sibiu, Romania,
Tax number : 794327
Registration number : J32/676/1991

Agramonia is composed of the words, agriculture, Romania and harmony.

Our project aim of preserving the Romanian cultural landscape. Agramonia aims to support small farmers in rural areas of Romania and make them suitable for the changing circumstances all across the countryside and to create a sustainable future in harmony with local traditions.

Small-scale farming structures in large parts of Romania have contributed to a very high biodiversity in Romania ́s rural areas. Agramonia.com is offering to small farms additional income opportunity in tourism, as well as opening up new distribution channels and marketing strategies for producers. This helps them to become more competitive and able to stand up with large agricultural corporations. Through the success of our platform parts of Romania's unique cultural and natural landscape have the possibility of being preserved.

With the Agramonia project we want to set impulses and strengthen the rural area in the long term and put new undiscovered places on the tourist map.


Frequently Asked Questions

Send us an email to [email protected] with your travel dates and interests, we will try to make you a suitable offer for your vacation. If you have any questions, please contact us at +40 748 644 309.

We do our best to handle bookings as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, problems occur occasionally. We are always ready to assist you by phone. +40748644309 Please have the number of the booking ready, we will always find a solution.

Almost all of them have Romanian as their mother tongue, some have rudimentary knowledge of English or German. The local manager, who is the communication partner for tourists, can always speak English. In short, the organization of the experiences you book is in English. The focus of a trip through Agramonia is not on the language, but the emotional insights into the living environment of the farmers. You will surely be warmly welcomed by the villagers and their temperament as well as the common activity that will remove all language barriers.

In short: we! The profiles and offers are created and administered via the app "Agramonia ", which is available in the Play Store. Agramonia uses a unique administration system, developed especially for Transylvanian conditions. In most villages there is a local manager who coordinates the offers in the village and is your contact person.

After you have booked one or more offers, we will send you an email with all destinations and contact details. For privacy reasons, we unfortunately do not give out phone numbers before a booking.

We know that Transylvania (or Erdély) is strongly influenced by Hungarian culture, and we regret that the website and our app are currently not available in this language. We promise you that as soon as our resources are sufficient, we will open our project to the Hungarian language as well.

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Would you like to present your offers on our page?

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Our Team:

Julius Fabini
Sibiu / Romania

Julius Fabini


I fell in love with the Transylvanian countryside and wanted to help the locals to show the beauty of their work to foreigners. During the years this project emerged.

Alida & Hermann Fabini
Sibiu / Romania

Alida & Hermann Fabini


We have been committed to the cultural heritage of Transylvania for many years. We are pleased that with initiatives like the project of our grandson Julius Fabini perspectives are created for the population in rural Transylvania.

Kamlesh Pambhar
Rajkot / India

Kamlesh Pambhar


As head of the development of this project. I am strongly involved in the project and know every technical detail. I am the son of a farmer and therefor highly motivated to find a technical solution for rural communities.

Valentin Scheiner
Van / Travelling

Valentin Scheiner


As a long-time companion of Julius Fabini's projects, I know the spirit and dynamics of his work. I support the ideals of the project and want to help it succeed.

Our Partners:

Patrimonium Saxonicum

Patrimonium Saxonicum is an foundation started by Hermann Fabini for the preservation of the Transylvanian heritage. We share our office with the foundation and are administrating the publications of the foundation

Colinele Transilvaniei

Colinele Transilvaniei is a local tourism bord which helps us in the local integration of offers in Transylvania

The University Of Sibiu helps us in making reserch on rural tourism in Romania. Volunteers of the University are helping us in the local integration.


Climate-Kic helped us with a mentoring program and a small funding