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Agramonia helps tourists discover interesting experiences in rural Romania. On this website you can find everything from local products, to workshops with farmers.

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Although society is constantly developing and the people are more and more attracted by technology, the Transylvania region remains rich in traditions.

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In Transylvania you will find the best natural products made at home. If you choose to our partners, you will have the opportunity to discover how to manufacture traditional products, and small farmers will share their secrets with you.

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We try to give farmers a perspective in line with local traditions, let tourists participate and together fight some bad global trends like monocultures and monopolies.

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We are a team with the same principles and objectives with a lot of experience in the field. We look forward for you to visit us!

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The project was born in a small village in Transylvania. Here, the traditions and customs were very well preserved by the villagers and the small farmers.

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For a successful vacation experience, you need nice accommodation and good food. On our website, we present you with a handpicked selection of cozy places. Here you will find the perfect country hotel for your adventures.

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