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Agramonia is a platform that helps you to promote yourself online
  1. Through the Platform you can get online bookings for only 3% commission.
  2. We offer you a new source of income: you can help others integrate their products and activities and receive a commission of 15% of the offers you manage.
Agritouristic Accommodation

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost! We take three percent of the booking value from the tourist's deposit. Agramonia is a community-based agritourism platform that helps you promote your accommodation and provides you with new income opportunities in tourism. Tourists pay most of the amount in cash on arrival. To ensure that the tourist really comes, we require a deposit from the tourist of 15%. In our app you can see how much is in your Agramonia account. To cover our costs, we take a percentage of the booking value from the tourist's deposit. You can request a withdrawal in the app at any time and we will transfer the money to you within three business days. You don't have to do anything and you just get three percent less than the tourist's deposit.

After registering, you will be able to promote yourself in agritourism, manage bookings and earn extra money by helping locals work in agritourism. Once you've explained to someone how our system works, and they've installed the app and published their first offers, you'll earn a commission from the tourist for each booking. In case a farmer makes an offer of 100 lei, the tourist pays 130 lei, of which 30 lei is paid as a deposit and 100 lei in cash to the farmer, half of the 30 Lei goes into your Agramonia account. In our app you can see the amount you have earned by helping the locals. In our app you can see the amount that you have earned by helping farmers. You can request a payout in the app at any time, we will transfer the money to you in a maximum of three working days.

Community-focused Agritourism has not only the potential to revitalise rural economies, educate the public about agriculture, and preserve agricultural heritage, it can also give you a strong branding and help you to attract tourists. Community-focused Accommodations with local foods and things to do in the surroundings are very attractive to city dwellers seeking authentic experiences. Through community-focused agritourism you are able to create acceptance and to show the local community that tourism is in the interest of all.

To join Agramonia as a guide, you should be able to speak to tourists on the phone in English and be organized enough not to forget bookings. If you need more support or you do not meet the requirements, you can join as a farmer.

If the tourist cancels his booking, you usually stay with the deposit. You can request the withdrawal of the deposit at any time via the admin panel. After every request we will send you a booking request via SMS, which you can confirm or decline. Our app allows you to flexibly enter your availability. If you regularly cancel your bookings, you will receive fewer bookings.

You can adjust your availability and prices in our app at any time. The app allows you to manage your offers independently.