Fortified church in Nou near Sibiu

Fortified church in Nou near Sibiu in Nou
Fortified church in Nou near Sibiu in Nou
Fortified church in Nou near Sibiu in Nou
Fortified church in Nou near Sibiu in Nou
Fortified church in Nou near Sibiu in Nou
Fortified church in Nou near Sibiu in Nou


The round-arched apse is structured on the outside by pilaster strips and a round-arched frieze. The consoles, alternating with the pilaster strips, show some architectural sculptures: a man's head and an animal's head.


The baroque organ is the work of Samuel Mätz. The pneumatic organ had 10 registers, manual and pedal. She was sold to Somuşca (Judeţ Bacău) in 1993.


The pulpit dates from the 18th century. It has a baroque painted pulpit crown.

Baroque altar

The baroque altar was created in 1723. The central image is a Crucifixion surrounded by putti and vegetal decoration. Two marbled Corinthian columns flank the central panel. Further out are medallions, the images of which represent Paul and Peter. In the predella is a depiction of the Last Supper, above which is a restless neoclassical cornice.


Fragments of the former ring wall, which was built around 1500, are still preserved north and south of the church. In the middle of the south wall, a small flanking tower with a steep pyramidal roof in front of the wall line.

Bell tower

The ground floor of the tower is covered by a cross vault. Three floors rise above the ground floor, the third of which is illuminated by twin windows with columns and semicircular arches. Reliefs are built into the tower. They depict a bishop, a lion and a human head. During the course of the military preparations around 1500, the tower was given a defensive floor with a battlement paneled in wood.


1200-1300 Construction of a three-nave Romanesque pillar basilica with a west tower.
1332 First documented mention. "Johannes de Nova villa" appears in a papal tax list.
1380 Nou is a free village of the Sibiu See.
1456 The village is burned down by the troops of the Muntenian voivode Vlad Ţepeş.
1480-1520 Gothic reconstruction of the church. Instead of the flat ceiling in the central nave, a net vault is inserted, which rests on consoles in the north and on polygonal pillars in the south. The church is also being made to defend itself.
1488 In Nou there are 44 families, two shepherds, two paupers and a schoolmaster.
1572 There are 95 families in Nou.
1993 The organ is sold to Somuşca (Judeţ Bacău).

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