Copsa Mare, the village from the valley

A village of well kept culture

Varga Teodora

A combination between culture and fun

Copsa Mare or Grosskopisch in German is a quiet village located in the valley near Biertan. With its special architecture and a fortified church that measures up, it invites you for a relaxing walk to admire it.

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Besides the fact that it has a landscape out of the urban bustle, which delights your eyes, Copsa Mare is also a village of well-preserved culture and history. Located 2 km from Biertan, the village manages to preserve the remains of the last century through the architecture of the houses and the details with which they are decorated. But, discovering Copsa Mare, you will notice that not only the village itself is a pleasant surprise, but also the people who live in it.

I was impressed by the tourist guide of the village, named Sebastian. A young, ginger boy, who is passionate about history and culture. He showed us the surroundings and the interior of the fortified church of the village, the church was built in the 14th century, but it was fortified only beginning with the 16th century, giving us details about every corner of it. Of course, he would know beetter because he lives right in the house next to the church and helps restore it with the other locals.

Going further, you could also make a stop at James, a person passionate about nature, animals and what he does. James managed to set up a small private botanical workshop, a place where man discovers nature, admires it, analyzes it and tries to capture it. Starting from this passion, James also created a site called where you can find information about the village, villagers, tourist attractions and much more. James can also offer you the experience of sleeping in one of his bee wagons, if you need a place to spend the night, or you can call Mrs. Simona, Sebastian's mother, who will receive you in her guesthouse with her arms open.

Just a few meters from Mrs. Simona's guesthouse house, you will meet the priest Ioan. He is passionate about beekeeping, and has, in addition to beehives, a lot of information about them. Priest Ioan can also give you a tour among the hives, so you will learn more about bees and you will be able to taste the different types of honey. However, this is not the only place where you can find Preist Ioan. He usually goes to the nearby village because he owns a house in the market, where he exhibits his honey, icons dropped on glass, but also wooden carvings that unfold in a mini-puzzle.

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