Barcut: A Little Corner of Nature and Tranquility

A small presentation of a beautiful village

Varga Teodora

Discover the treasures of Barcut

Barcut is a small village in the Hartibaciu Valley, that just makes you want to visit it and connect to nature. It is a relaxing, but also interesting location that will surprise you at every step.

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Barcut is a small corner of nature and tranquility located near the Hârtibaciu River in the northern part of Brașov County. Although it is a small village in the Transylvanian Hills area, it never fails to surprise you at every step. The base of the village was built along a single main street, around which the houses and local mini-streets were built.

Entering the village from the north, you will be greeted by Mr. Eugen and Mrs. Geanina, who will warmly welcome you to Casa din Barcut, near the Hârtibaciu Valley. They welcomed us with a platter of traditional food and a coffee to prepare us for the road, but if you don't want to leave yet, the guesthouse also offers you a place to stay overnight. From this point, you can go on foot through the village to visit, or you can leave it to Mr. Eugen who will be your guide on an ATV ride.

The fortified evangelical church that you find in the village is an important tourist attraction, built between the 14th and 15th centuries, it successfully preserves the authenticity of the Baroque elements, in combination with the neoclassical style. The great secret of the small monument lies at its very base, the church being built above a well. Of course, the upper part of the church does not disappoint either, offering you a complete view of the village and the nature that surrounds it.

At the Parish House near the church you will have the opportunity to enjoy the food prepared by Mrs. Cornelia, from local products. We were served a delicious soup made from vegetables grown in the village, and for the main course we enjoyed homemade sausages made by Mr. Walter Ercau with a side of fried potatoes, homemade eggs and pickles.

Going further, after passing the village bridge, you will meet Mrs. Anica, a nice old lady who takes care of her lavender orchard with great love. Here you will be able to visit the orchard for some aesthetic photos or to walk among the rows of lavender, admiring its beauty and fragrance with calming properties. Of course, you also have the possibility to buy natural products from the plant, such as syrup, soap, oil or scrub.

The village also offers a multitude of other local products from animal derivatives, such as telemea, cheese, smoked cheese or urda, but also honey, compotes or jams.

At the exit from the village, the ZiaZian holiday home will open its doors both for accommodation and for visiting the zoo it has. Here the animals are cared for with great love, being used to human presence, you can walk among llamas or alpacas, you can admire the peacocks up close, and when you leave don't forget to say goodbye to the camel Misu.

You will surely fall in love with this village, first of all due to the multiple tourist attractions, the landscape but also due to the local products and the villagers who will welcome you with open arms.

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