Fortified Church Vulcan

Fortified Church Vulcan in Vulcan
Fortified Church Vulcan in Vulcan
Fortified Church Vulcan in Vulcan
Fortified Church Vulcan in Vulcan
Fortified Church Vulcan in Vulcan
Fortified Church Vulcan in Vulcan


The Biedermeier-style pulpit was erected at the beginning of the 19th century.

Ring wall

The church is surrounded by a ring of walls. Partly it has oval ground plan, partly square. The main entrance is protected with a pitch nose and portcullis. Remains of towers are preserved in the southwest and southeast of the complex.


1200-1300 Construction of a Romanesque church, of which the choir arch is preserved.
1377 First documented mention of the place in a royal privilege, in which it is recorded that Brasov and the 13 free villages of the Brasov region form a judicial and administrative unit.
1400-1500 Construction of the Gothic choir of the church.
1421 King Sigismund waives the payment of the Martin Tax for the current year for Vulcan and five other villages in the Brasov region, which had suffered greatly from the Turkish invasion.
1510 In the village live 42 families, 6 widows, 2 poor people, a miller, a schoolmaster, a bell-ringer, 3 shepherds. A Romanian also lives in the village.
1529 The place is burned down by troops of Moldovan prince Petru Rareş.
1603 During the civil war, imperial auxiliaries of the Wallachian voivode invaded the fortified church, killing some of the residents and robbing the supplies.
1611 The church is destroyed by Gabriel Báthori's troops and lies in ruins for 54 years.
1611 Gabriel Báthori's troops besiege the fortified church and set fire to a tower into which the defenders have retreated. Only 6 people remain alive. The whole place with the church and fortified church is burned down.
1658 Turkish troops burn the place.
1658 The church is destroyed in the civil war.
1664 The reconstruction of the church begins. There are a lot of donations for this.
1665 The destroyed church is rebuilt. The choir gets a new brick vault, the hall a coffered ceiling.
1793-1794 Construction of the bell tower on the west side of the church. Wooden galleries are installed in the church.
1976 The roof of the church burns down. It will be restored the following year.

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