Slimnic Castle

Slimnic Castle in Slimnic
Slimnic Castle in Slimnic
Slimnic Castle in Slimnic
Slimnic Castle in Slimnic
Slimnic Castle in Slimnic
Slimnic Castle in Slimnic


1253-1258 In a record of priest Michael Klein it is mentioned that inside the castle there was an arch on which the date 1253 or 1258 can be read.
1282 First documentary mention of the place, as "Reynaldus plebanus de Stolchunbercht decanus provinciáé Zibiniensis" a person from the place is mentioned in documents.
1300-1350 Construction of a Gothic chapel in the northern part of the castle. The ground floor of today's bell tower belonged to the chapel.
1400-1500 The originally smaller castle complex is expanded. The castle hill is surrounded by a strong, high brick wall, with buttresses, machicolations and double-row embrasures.
1438 During a Turkish campaign, the community suffers great damage.
1468 There are 184 farms in Slimnic.
1531 The castle is besieged in vain by the followers of Zápolya.
1602 Moses Székely, commander of Prince Sigismund Bäthori, conquers the castle.
1658 The Turks burn down the village. The castle is not taken.
1659 Almost 400 residents die of the plague.
1704 The village is burned down by Kurucs.
1706 The Kurucs under Lorenz Pekri conquer the castle through betrayal.
1707 The Kurucs burn the roof of the castle and raze the outer wall. There is famine in the village.
1712 There are 89 Saxon families and 33 widows living in the village.
1717 With the help of the Sibiu Chair, the restoration of the castle begins.
1719 In the village, 238 Saxons, 180 Romanians and 9 foreigners die of the plague.
1916 During an earthquake the rest of the still existing northern row of arcades of the church on the castle collapses.

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