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The village, first mentioned in a document in 1223 and named after the small oak forest (stejar – oak in Romanian) has experienced a varied history. Different languages, peoples and mentalities shaped the culture. The surrounding hill belong to the Hartibaciu highlands. Climate and soil offer ideal conditions for cattle breeding and agriculture. The Village is surrounded by beech and oak forests, by pastures with wild herbs blooming in all colors. Forests and meadows are rich in mushrooms, herbs and berries.


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Bethlen Castel

An impressive ruined castle in the Renaissance style of the Bethlen family in a Transylvanian village with noble family.

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Bran Castle

Once a border fortification of the Habsburg Empire and it is today capitalized as Dracula Castle. Unfortunately, due to the commerce, not really worth a visit.

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Castle Gârbova

The castle impresses with its high tower that rises 57 meters into the sky. The imposing structure is now a bell tower and exceeds in height most buildings in Transylvania.

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