Casa Gentiana in Peştera

A Rental ideal for agritourism in Romania

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Perched on a hill in a picturesque village lies "Casa Gentiana" – a stunning wooden holiday home that captures the essence of rustic living. Under the stewardship of the venerable Ioan Cojanu, a retired schoolteacher from the village, the home reflects a deep appreciation for tradition and simplicity. Ioan, besides being an educator, is also skilled at creating 'claie' from beautiful straws and has a soft spot for cats, with a few roaming the premises. A notable feature of Casa Gentiana is its outdoor grill area, perfect for those who seek the pleasure of an open-air feast. For the young ones, a treehouse offers an adventurous stay, making memories that last a lifetime. One of the pioneering wooden guesthouses in the area, its design remains authentic and rustic. Flourishing with vibrant flowers, the house boasts a fully-equipped kitchen and multiple rooms, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains near Pestera.

  • Chicken
  • Common rooms
    Common rooms
  • Garden
  • Goats
  • Local Products
    Local Products
  • Shared kitchen
    Shared kitchen
  • Terrace
  • Traditional furnished
    Traditional furnished

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