Stejărișu 195 in Stejărișu

A Guesthouse ideal for agritourism in Romania

Guest House Guest House

Our comfortably furnished apartments are situated in the shade of the fortified church. The rooms are high, spacious, with each room having its own bathroom. It is also possible to light a warm flickering fire in the fireplace. In the courtyard you can find a natural stone table and fresh grapes and sometimes the neighbouring chickens come by creating an all-in-all lovely and homely atmosphere. For breakfast we across the small stream to the rectory, where you can expect fresh food from our cooks with homemade jams, spreads, bread, cheese and vegetables directly from the village. Here you also have the opportunity to play table tennis or table soccer, talk with other guests, eat from the good Romanian cuisine, pet our animals or visit the vegetable garden.

  • Attached Restaurant
    Attached Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Board games
    Board games
  • Garden
  • Green house
    Green house
  • Local Products
    Local Products
  • Terrace
  • Traditional furnished
    Traditional furnished

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