Bio-Haus Gospodaria in Nucet

A Guesthouse ideal for agritourism in Romania

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Whether you are seeking a short vacation, a weekend getaway, or a spontaneous countryside escape with your loved ones, our guesthouse is designed with you in mind. Relish in a myriad of activities that engage your senses - therapeutic bathing in our outdoor tub (ciubar), barefoot garden strolls to connect with nature, picking fresh fruits and vegetables from our garden or greenhouse, hiking in the woods, riding the Mocanița (between April and October), visiting the Brukenthal Palace and the Castle of Fairies, or simply playing a game of volleyball, badminton, or soccer in our lush garden. Our spacious rooms, each designed with personality and attention to detail, offer the perfect setting to forget your daily worries and unwind amidst nature on our terrace, while your children enjoy playing in the expansive garden. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be served at Bio-Haus Gospodaria, prepared with products from our own farm and local community. We strive to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, ensuring the comfort you deserve during your much-anticipated vacation. We eagerly await to welcome you to our "peace oasis" – a place where your soul can call "home".

  • Attached Restaurant
    Attached Restaurant
  • Board games
    Board games
  • Garden
  • Green house
    Green house
  • Hair dryer
    Hair dryer
  • Local Products
    Local Products
  • Pool
  • Shared kitchen
    Shared kitchen
  • Terrace
  • Traditional furnished
    Traditional furnished

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