Traditional accommodations on the countryside

The base for your adventures in Romania

Julius Fabini

The base for your adventures in Romania

For a successful vacation experience, you need nice accommodation and good food. On our website, we present you with a handpicked selection of cozy places. Here you will find the perfect country hotel for your adventures.

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The guesthouses, hostels, and vacation homes selected under “accommodation” are hand-picked and led by lovely people who try to make everything for their guests. 

Most of them offer some local traditional food. Like some berries from the nearby forest, or vegetables out of the garden. We really recommend you to try the local food and to relax while enjoying the animals walking by. 

I’ll tell you: Opening a jar of local specialties on one cold winter morning and enjoying it along with some bread toasted on the stove and a nice cup of tea while looking out the window and admiring nature, can be one of the most relaxing feelings. 

This picturesque image described here is common in small villages from Romania. It’s basically the morning routine of some farmers who chose to live by what the land has to offer to them.

Everybody can (and should) experience for themselves this way of living, by visiting these villages. Gladly there are still many places like this in Romania, mostly untouched villages. The landscapes along with the people who reside there create this perfect image of how life used to be not so long ago.

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