St. Margaret's Church, Mediaș

St. Margaret's Church, Mediaș in Mediaş
St. Margaret's Church, Mediaș in Mediaş
St. Margaret's Church, Mediaș in Mediaş
St. Margaret's Church, Mediaș in Mediaş
St. Margaret's Church, Mediaș in Mediaş
St. Margaret's Church, Mediaș in Mediaş

Mural paintings

Gothic mural paintings and inscriptions were brought to light on different walls and restored; the interior was re-painted in colour in keeping with the discovered traces.


1100-1200 During excavations at the church a cemetery from the 12th century was uncovered, on the basis of the temple rings found in the graves can be attributed to a Szekler settlement.
1146 According to the Chronicon Fuchio-Lupino-Oltardum, Mediaș was founded in 1146.
1250-1300 Construction of the first church, the foundation walls of which came to light during archaeological excavations in 1971-1972. From this building the choir could be uncovered.
1267 Medias is mentioned in documents for the first time under the name "Mediesy". Duke Stephen of Transylvania, the later Hungarian King Stephen V, restores the estates of his grandfather to the Transylvanian voivode Nicholas. Among them the village of Medias is also mentioned.
1300-1350 After a relatively short time, the first church is demolished, probably for lack of space, and a hall church is built in its place.
1315 The deputies of the community of the Saxons of Medias, Șeica Mare and Biertan ask King Charles Robert to restore the old liberties. The king restores the old legal situation.
1320 For the first time a count of Medias is mentioned.
1359 Medias is mentioned for the first time as a "civitas".
1390 The northern wall of the second church is demolished and a northern aisle is built, Pillars are taking the place of the wall.
1402 King Sigismund frees the chairs of Medias and Șeica Mare from the jurisdiction of the counts of Szeklers.
1419 Medias is called a market town - "oppidum".
1438 Devastation of Medias by the Turks.
1440 Begin the construction of the new choir.
1449 The oldest bell in the church dates from this year.
1452 The church fort is mentioned for the first time.
1477 King Matthias sets the number of men that Medias has to provide for the army at 32. All other men in arms are obliged to be ready for the defense of the fortified church.
1487 First mention of a hospital in Medias.
1488 Completion of the church according to "História Transilvaniae" by Georg Soterius.
1490-1534 Construction of the city walls.
1550-1551 Raising the tower of St. Margaret's Church.
1972-1974 Archaeological excavations brought to light earlier 12th and 13th century buildings and graves. During the restoration work, vault ribs were secured, respectively, tin ribs were replaced in the nave, the Gothic windows received mullions and bull’s eye glazing.
1976-1982 The altar and its superstructure, the pulpit and the organ were restored.

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