Fortified Church Valchid

Fortified Church Valchid in Valchid
Fortified Church Valchid in Valchid
Fortified Church Valchid in Valchid
Fortified Church Valchid in Valchid
Fortified Church Valchid in Valchid
Fortified Church Valchid in Valchid

West portal

The west portal was built in 1441, which can be read on a shield of the portal. The stone surround ends in a high keel arch crowned by a finial. The portal is flanked by two pillars ending in pinnacles with finials.


The classical altar was made in 1809-1811. The center panel shows the transfiguration of Jesus. It is flanked by two Corinthian columns. Organ and altar form a unit.

Baptismal font

The classical wooden baptismal font was created at the beginning of the 19th century.


Today's organ was built by the organ builder S. Mätz above the altar. It has two manuals and 12 registers.


Today's fortifications were built at the end of the 15th and beginning of the 16th century. The church is surrounded by a ring, which in plan has the shape of an irregular quadrilateral. The bell tower is to the east of the church. It is also a gate tower and keep. The massive walls measure 2.7 m. The gutters of the original portcullis have been preserved. The ring wall was originally 10 m high. Today it measures 5-7 m. It is reinforced by five protruding stone towers, four of which are still standing. A small tower is erected over a pedestrian entrance to the south-west of the castle. It bears the inscription "Enter by the narrow gate, for the gate is narrow and the way is strait that leads to life." The tower had a drawbridge. The west tower has five floors and has loopholes The north tower also has five floors.


1300-1400 Construction of a Gothic hall church.
1317 The village is first mentioned under the name "Waldhyd" in a border dispute with the neighboring village.
1359 Count Nikolaus and the elders of Valchid take part in the meeting of the Medias see.
1390 The Pope grants an indulgence to visitors to the parish church of the Apostle Andreas in Valchid.
1500 Today's fortifications of the fortified church were built around the year 1500
1515 New demarcation between Valchid and Hoghilag, which is unfavorable for Valchid.
1554 The people of Valchid obtain from King Ferdinand the cancellation of the fine imposed in 1515 and the resumption of the trial. They present various forged documents.
1605 Village and church are plundered by Szekler troops.
1794 A fire destroys the whole village.
1895 Since the community lives almost exclusively from viticulture, the appearance of phylloxera causes a sudden impoverishment, so that many residents emigrate to the USA. The population falls to less than half.
1916 The south tower is destroyed by an earthquake. The ribbed vault of the sacristy also collapses and is replaced by a wooden ceiling.

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