Fortified church Bruiu

Fortified church Bruiu in Bruiu
Fortified church Bruiu in Bruiu
Fortified church Bruiu in Bruiu
Fortified church Bruiu in Bruiu
Fortified church Bruiu in Bruiu
Fortified church Bruiu in Bruiu

Winged altar

The valuable pre-Reformation winged altar was erected in 1520. In the central shrine there is a statue of Mary with Jesus. On the movable and fixed wings: Annunciation, Nativity, Three Wise Men, Flight into Egypt and 16 saints. In 1999, the altar was transferred to the Evangelical Church in Cisnădie, where it was installed as a high altar.

Baroque pulpit

The Baroque pulpit dates from 1667, the pulpit cover from 1776.


The organ with two manuals and 14 registers dates from the 19th century. It was renovated in 1880 by Wilhelm Hörbiger.


The inner ring of walls had a tower with a fortified storey. The outer wall was reinforced by four bastions and a square-plan tower. The fortifications are placed in front of the wall. The arrow slits on the preserved fragments of the ring wall in the north of the fortified church show that three stories of battlements ran along the wall here. To the south-east of the church stands a long three-story building used for storing food and adapted for dwelling.


1200-1250 First half of the 13th century Construction of a Romanesque basilica dedicated to Saint Nicholas.
1307 The first documented mention can be found in a land division description of the village of Feldioara on the olt river.
1488 Bruiu is mentioned as "Ballor". There live 37 families, 2 poor people and 3 cattle herders in the village. There is a school and 2 deserted houses.
1520 Support for Bruiu from the Treasury of the Province of Sibiu for the fortified church.
1532 "Broiler" is a free community of the Cincu chair, in which 64 families live.
1549 A dispute over land between Bruiu and Gherdeal is reported for the first time in a Sibiu mayor's bill. This dispute lasted with interruptions until 1815.
1661 A community resolution stipulates that every male man who leaves the community must first pay 25 guilders. This ordinance is issued in order to be able to settle the tax burden of the municipality.
1707 The place has suffered a lot from imperial troops.
1850-1900 The Romanesque structure of the building is severely affected during a renovation of the fortified church.

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