Fortified Church Bod

Fortified Church Bod in Bod
Fortified Church Bod in Bod
Fortified Church Bod in Bod
Fortified Church Bod in Bod
Fortified Church Bod in Bod
Fortified Church Bod in Bod


The altar was made in 1869. It is connected with the organ. The main painting by Carl Dörschlag shows the Savior with an angel. It is flanked by classicist columns.


Above the altar the new organ is built by Johann Thois / Râșnov in 1816. The organ has 2 manuals, pedal and 18 stops.

Baptismal font

In the choir there is a stone, chalice-shaped, massive baptismal font on which the year 1491 is carved in large numerals.

Ring wall

The ring wall is almost completely destroyed by the earthquake in 1802. The church was surrounded by a polygonal ring wall, which was reinforced by several towers. There was still a kennel wall, which also had towers. Except for a small part of the eastern wall, the ring wall was demolished in 1865. On this occasion, a tower is also demolished, in which there was a chapel room with wall paintings.


1200-1300 Construction of a Romanesque basilica with a bell tower, of which only the remains of the round-arched west portal have survived.
1368 Count Jakob de Bod "comes Jakobus de Bathfalua", receives a diploma from the district of Brasov. This is the first documentary mention of Bod, which also proves that the village was a free commune of the district of Brasov.
1396 Dispute between the count's family and the village over the construction of a mill. The trial before the Szekler count is decided in favor of the counts. The elders of Bod, "seniores villae Bringingdorf", are sentenced to a heavy fine.
1422 The king released the depopulated Brasov region communities from paying Martin's interest for a further ten years.
1457 Bod is said to have been destroyed during a retaliatory campaign by Vlad Ţepeş against the Brasov Region.
1510 In Bod live 112 families, 7 widows, 6 shepherds, one miller, one settler. There is a school house, a bell ringer's house and a church house.
1611 In the clash between Prince Gabriel Báthori and the Wallachian voivode Radu Şerban, Bod is burned down by the voivode's troops.
1658 An army of Turks, Tartars, Vlachs, Moldovans and Cossacks invades the Brasov region and burns 7 villages, including Bod.
1718-1719 Plague epidemic that killed 448 people.
1790 Great earthquake in which the church tower collapses and buries the family of the castle keeper under the rubble. All the bells are smashed.
1802 The church is completely destroyed by the earthquake. Soon afterwards it will be completely removed. The organ, pulpit and all furnishings were buried in the rubble, and 90 houses and many other buildings were destroyed.
1804 Construction of the new church, which was inaugurated in 1806.

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