Fortified Church Alțâna

Fortified Church Alțâna in Alțâna
Fortified Church Alțâna in Alțâna
Fortified Church Alțâna in Alțâna
Fortified Church Alțâna in Alțâna
Fortified Church Alțâna in Alțâna
Fortified Church Alțâna in Alțâna


The organ by J. Hahn/Hermannstadt was built around 1780; It was repaired in 1798, 1886 and 1986. It has 10 registers, a manual and an attached pedal.


Two pre-Reformation bells have been preserved. The large bell bears the inscription "o rex glorie veni cum pace".

Baptismal font

The 1404 dated baptismal font is one of the most valuable Gothic baptismal fonts in Transylvania. It bears the inscription anno domini millessimo cccllll tempore regis Sigismundi (in the year 1404 at the time of King Sigismund). The polychrome framed wooden lid of the baptismal font has carvings. It is dated 1725. The baptismal font was stolen in July 1999 and has not been recovered.

Neo-Gothic altar

The neo-Gothic altar dates from the 19th century. The central picture depicts Jesus with a raised, blessing hand.

Defensive wall

The church is surrounded by an oval ring, which measures 75 m in the east-west direction and 62 m in the north-south direction. In the east the ring is doubled. There is a tower in each of the four cardinal points. The eastern tower has been converted into a gate tower.


1200-1300 The core of the church is a three-aisled, Romanesque basilica from the 13th century.
1291 First documented mention of Alțâna
1374 The Counts of Alțâna strive for the office of king judge of the Nocirch chair.
1456 Again, the chair of the region is named after the town of Alțâna
1532 With 87 families, Alțâna is the largest community in the Nocrich see.
1549-1557 The Seven Chairs support construction work at the fortifications at Alțâna : seven barrels of lime and 20 guilders
1588 Prince Sigismund Báthori expressly confirms that the royal judgeship is tied to Nocrich.
1593 The community of Alțâna buys the hereditary county rights and property from Paul Gerendy and is thus free.
1853 The old bell tower will be demolished and today's Neo-Gothic bell tower will be built.
1999 The baptismal font, cast in 1404 in the workshop of the Sibiu master Leonhardus, was stolen in 1999 and given up as lost.
2020 The vault over the central nave of the evangelical church in Alțâna collapsed, the organ was damaged.

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