Church in Richiş

Church in Richiş in Richiş
Church in Richiş in Richiş
Church in Richiş in Richiş
Church in Richiş in Richiş
Church in Richiş in Richiş
Church in Richiş in Richiş

The Keystones

The numerous keystones bear rich plastic decoration. The original color scheme can be seen in many places on the architectural sculpture.

The portals

The church has three portals, the pointed-arched southern portal dates from around 1405. The northern portal is profiled inwards, which may mean that there was a connection to a monastery building here. The richly decorated west portal shows a Crucifixion in high relief. In the center of the depiction is a partially existing figure of Christ, alongside Mary Magdalene and John, on the right two riders with horses. Five angels can be seen in the upper area.

The Sacrament Niche

The sacramental niche in the north wall of the chancel is flanked by square pillars resting on leaf corbels. The upper end is formed by a pointed triangle (German: "Wimperg"), crowned by a finial. In the gable field is a pelican depiction.

Gate Tower - Bell Tower

It stands 8 m west of the church and was part of the ring wall that surrounded the church. On old depictions the tower has a battlement. Up to a height of 5 m you can see the beginnings of the demolished circular wall.

The baroque altar

Today's baroque altar is the work of Johann Folbarth from Sighisoara and was erected in 1775. In the center is a wooden sculpture of the Crucified, flanked by John the Baptist and John the Evangelist.

The organ

The pneumatic baroque organ was made by Johannes Prause in 1788. In 1792 the case was painted and gilded. The organ has a manual and 12 registers.

The fortifications

The church was surrounded by an oval curtain wall, remains of which have survived to the west, south and east. In the south-east there is a fortification tower with a rectangular ground plan and a pitched roof sloping inwards. The tower has decorative cast holes and loopholes.


1283 Heinrich of Richiș is among the pastors of the Mediaș chapter, who are listed by name on the occasion of the agreement with the Alba Iulia chapter about the tithe. This is the first documented mention of Richiș.
1350-1400 Construction of a towerless Gothic basilica with two side choirs.
1451 The year 1451 can be read on a keystone of the central nave and in an inscription above the triumphal arch, thus documenting the completion of the most important construction phase.
1532 152 families live in the village
1555 Richiș is called a market. It has its own court.
1600 In the course of the civil war, the town and the vicarage were burned down. The fortified church is plundered.
1644 Fire in the village.
1661-1662 The plague is rampant in the village. "The Turks lay in the village street for another 10 weeks and even in front of the vicarage."
1702 Most of the village burns down.
1900 119 males and 40 females from Richiș live in America. Another 4 people are in Australia.

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