Welcome to Agramonia!


The Region convinces with good ingredients and even better products; behind every farm there is a secret recipe and a local agriculture for the production of mineral resources. Here at Agramonia you can buy wild berry jams, syrups and wild herbal teas on the Internet. Many families like to share their knowledge of the production process and during a visit you can discover and test much more. We process these products in our certified kitchen in Probstdorf, where we buy fruits, vegetables and herbs from the village. Unfortunately we can't currently sell the people's products directly because of different hurdles, but if you want to visit the village you can get in touch with the small farmers directly. The profile of the supplier of the ingredients can be seen on the producer's glass and invites you to get to know his history better; the profiles also include the activities offered as well as being the first step towards the self-marketing of our cooperation partners.