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The fortified church LANDSCAPE is a cultural landscape in Europe that is unique in the world and is worthy of protection, consisting of many natural and cultural monuments. I help our guests and regular visitors to see them or give tips to discover them yourself!

The parish church in Sibiu after the 3-year renovation phase. After a half-hour tour, I can accompany you on an ecumenical city walk through the Upper Town. A stop in a Viennese coffee house or in a cozy café in the lower town can round off this 2-hour city walk.

Animals on the street: chickens, geese, dogs, cats, herds of buffalo and cows, goats, turkeys... Horses behind ploughshares, skinny horses harnessed to wooden carts. I like that, I find it romantic! I hope that the rural population can make a living from it in the future. And I want to contribute! BABS, Livezile Doamnei Brunhilde

Welcome! Welcome! Bine ati venit!