Church Șura Mare

Church Șura Mare in Șura Mare
Church Șura Mare in Șura Mare
Church Șura Mare in Șura Mare
Church Șura Mare in Șura Mare
Church Șura Mare in Șura Mare
Church Șura Mare in Șura Mare

Bell tower

The ground floor of the tower and the first floor have simple cross vaults. A ribbed vault is erected on the second floor of the tower. At the end of the 15th century, the tower received a fortified storey with a battlement on wooden trestles, above which was a pyramidal roof. In 1854 the tower was raised and today's steep roof was erected.


The neo-Gothic altar was erected in 1903. The main picture is a work by the painter F. Ziegler from Berlin.


In the choir there are pews with floral ornaments. It is dated 1716.


Panels with paintings have been preserved on the gallery parapets. They are dated 1696 and 1702. There are inscriptions above the figures of saints. The names Simon, S. Judas, D. Thomas can be recognized.

Baptismal font

The baptismal font is dated 1758. It is made of marble and has a carved wooden top that can be raised over a forged arch.


1200-1250 Construction of a three-aisled Romanesque basilica, most of which has survived to this day.
1300 The west tower is partially rebuilt. The twin windows and niches in the outer wall of the tower are from this construction period.
1332-1335 First documented mention. Christian of Şura Mare is mentioned in papal tax lists.
1480-1500 The church is heavily rebuilt
1529 The place is burned down by Moldovan troops.
1600 In the autumn of that year, the village is burned by troops of Michael the Brave.
1704 Şura Mare is burned by the Kurucs. It is decided that if someone moves away in hard times, he should lose his property and not return.
1707 The village is again burned down by the Kurucs.
1721 In the village there are large stone houses and wide yards. There is also viticulture.
1979 During restoration work, twin windows and niches from around 1300 have been uncovered in the outer wall of the tower.

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