Discover Iacobeni

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Iacobeni was first mentioned in 1309 as part of the Kosder chapter. Around 1500 Iacobeni became a free parish of the Schenker chair. Today the village is the largest in the region and the seat of the mayor's office. The place inspires with its liveliness.


Churchcastle in Hosman

A fortified Romanesque church on a hill, south of the village center. It has some of the most valuable Romanesque architecture in all of Transylvania.

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Churchcastle in Axente Sever

The fortified church is in the centre of the village. It is extremely compact, despite the donjon, and is unparalleled in that regard in all of Transylvania.

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Churchcastle in Viscri

A large, impressive fortified church, west of the village centre. It is in particularly good condition, and is one of the most popular places for tourists in Transylvania.

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