Discover the treasures of the Barcut


A small presentation of a small village

Barcut is a small village in the Hartibaciu Valley, that just makes you want to visit it and connect to nature. It is a relaxing, but also interesting location that will surprise you at every step.

Varga Teodora May 10, 2022

Barcut is a small corner of peace and nature placed next to the Hartibaciu River, in the north of the Brasov city. Even though it is a small village in the Transylvanian Highlands, it does not fail in keeping you curious and entertained. The village was built along only one main street, around which were built the local houses and mini-streets.

Entering the village through the northern part, you will be greeted by Eugen and Geanina, who will kindly welcome you in the “Casa din Barcut” ("Barcut House"), next to the Hartibaciu Valley. They welcomed us with some traditional food platter and a coffee for energy to hit the road, but if you wish to stay longer, they can also offer you a place for the night in their guest house. From here on, you can start exploring the village on foot or you can let Eugen take you on a guided A.T.V. ride.

The fortified evangelical church that you will find here is an important tourist attraction built during the 14th and 15th century. This monument is a result of the combination between the baroque style and the neoclassical style. The big secret of this small fortified church lies at it’s base, the church is actually built above a fountain. Of course, the upper part of the church also has the best to offer, from here you can see how the whole village is being wrapped by nature, while also admiring the mountains as a background. 

At the Parochial House next to this church, you will have the opportunity to try the traditional food prepared by Cornelia, from local products. We had some delicious soup made with local vegetables, after which we tried Walter Ercau’s homemade sausages with french-fries, fried bio eggs and pickles.

Moving forward, after you cross the small local bridge, you will meet grandma Anica, a cute old lady that has a lavender field. Here you can visit the field for some aesthetic photos or you can have a walk through the lavender fields, admiring it’s beauty and it’s calming scent. Moreover, you also have the possibility to buy natural products made from the flower, such as lavender syrup, soap, organic oil or face and body scrub. The village also offers you a lot of other local products from animal derivatives, such as cheese and milk, but also honey, compote, jam and many others.

When leaving the village, you will see the ZiaZian guest house that will open it’s gates for accommodation, but also for the small Zoo that they own. Here, the animals are being cared for with lots of love and attention, and they are used to the people, so you can freely walk among the llamas and alpacas, see the peacocks from near you (if they don’t run away ;)) and don’t forget to say goodbye to Misu the camel. 

I am sure you will fall in love with this village, first of all because of the multiple touristic activities that it has, because of the landscape, the local products, and most importantly because of the people that you will connect to.