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The Hungarian village of Grânari was founded in 1289 at the source of the Great Valley River. In the early 1400s, the village was owned by several nobles who, in addition to people and property, lost their titles in a fire. Ownership was later reconfirmed by the Hungarian king. The German name of the village "Mukkendorf" is first mentioned in 1461. Today, the small village is a Hungarian exclave and is home to a wooden Orthodox church as well as a Hungarian Reformed church.

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Churchcastle in Axente Sever

The fortified church is in the centre of the village. It is extremely compact, despite the donjon, and is unparalleled in that regard in all of Transylvania.

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Churchcastle in Valea Viilor

In the center of the village lies a large, magnificent churchcastle. It is in excellent shape.

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Churchfortress in Meșendorf

A strongly fortified church with a rich history and beautiful decorations inspires the visitor with its diversity inside and its double fortified walls with towers.

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