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Copșa Mare

Großkopisch, founded at the end of the 13th century, is located 2 km east of Biertan. The place is picturesquely situated in the valley and is still home to some private vineyards. The village developed particularly quickly at the beginning of the 14th century due to agriculture and wine growing. In 1605 Szeklers ravaged the place and plundered the church, but it was saved by the local people.


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Church in Richiş

A mysterious church that holds many secrets inside. Richiș is a place with a long history and many stories to discover.

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Churchcastle in Axente Sever

The fortified church is in the centre of the village. It is extremely compact, despite the donjon, and is unparalleled in that regard in all of Transylvania.

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Churchcastle in Biertan

Biertan lies in a southern side valley of the Târnava Mare River. Although the village itself might be worth a visit, the large churchcastle dominates the landscape around it.

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