Agriculture in Transylvania


Jeleru Adriana


In the following lines, we will present you the diversity of agriculture in the Transylvanian area. I come from the Hartibaciu valley where there are many customs and traditions that are hundreds of years old.

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Agriculture is one of the oldest professions in the world and it has remained the most authentic in the Romanian area due to the fact that advanced technology has not yet taken over it completely.

1 Which is the best time to promote agriculture?

Many say that spring is the best time to promote agriculture because sowing takes place.

Perioada de a promova agricultura ecologică în mare parte este la începutul semănatului. During the period when the fruits begin to sprout and before harvesting. At the beginning of sowing, the share of that year's harvest is realized, and during the harvesting period, the exact quantity of the product obtained is realized. Our recommendation for visiting farms and harvests, or more precisely for Agrotourism, is early spring and late autumn.

2 How do farmers find out if they have a productive year before harvest?

In most of the in the area of ​​Romania, farmers have some speculative methods to speculate whether during the harvest period they will have a rich harvest.

These speculative speculations determine producers to approximate the quantity of the sown products.

Ca de exemplu: Calendarul de ceapă care este folosit de sute de ani to see the current year's drought months. Take 12 onion leaves, one for each month of the year and add a spoonful of salt to each of them, it is said that where the salt has remained dry that month will be dry and where the salt has become wet that month will be rainy, but not all peasants believe in this calendar and in recent years fewer and fewer peasants use it.

3 Do the animal breeders manage to feed them only from their own crops?

Most of the animal breeders in Pigs, cows and sheep are raised in Transylvania, in the Hartibaci valley area more pigs and cows are raised.

Usually animal breeders manage to feed their animals with their own resources and fruits, but there are certain cases in which they do not have enough resources and in that time calls on other farmers.

Unlike the technical agriculture in the west, in Romania there are no massive crops for animal feed because on the large production area the soil nitrates are overexploited, while on a smaller production area these soil nitrates manage to it brings a richer production.

4 Are all farmers willing to sell the fruits they have produced in excess?

Agricultorii în general produc o masa mai mare de roade pentru a fi siguri ca aceasta este suficientă pentru a-si creste animalele dar și pentru a supraviețui . But in the pre-harvest period, they are willing to sell their products from the previous year in order to have storage space, and not only during this period. During the summer, for example, when a lot of people are looking to buy vegetables and fruits because their own production is not in the harvest period. In winter to people from urban areas who prefer to buy organic products directly from the producer and not from the store. On our website you can find a lot of farmers who are willing to provide you with the best products.

5 Is agriculture today still in demand as it was in the past?

Agriculture these days relies heavily on technology

Agricultura în ziua de azi este mai puțin căutată decât în ​​anii trecuți deoarece foarte mulți oameni prefera sa he goes to a store to buy fruits and vegetables, because it is much more convenient. But from the point of view of many, agricultural products bought directly from farmers are much healthier.

Romanian agriculture today is no longer 100% Romanian because part of the agricultural land is owned by foreigners. But the small part of Romanian agriculture still owned by Romanians and the production of Romanian farmers has an enormous demand on the market, especially for tourists having the opportunity to buy directly from the producer and through the prism of the fact that they are fascinated by the methods of processing the land.

6 Do today's farmers use pesticides?

Agriculture in Romania is predominant in the economy due to the fertile soil and that is why most producers try not to use chemical pesticides or on a smaller scale because aceștia produc pe o suprafata mica de teren agricol.

In Transylvania there are a lot of households where the products are 100% organic because local producers of the area have a ecological agriculture, which only involves biological fertilizers and traditional production care.

In almost all modern societies, people have become detached from nature and the environment. The serenity of nature is increasingly falling prey to rapid technological development. Man's alienation from nature leads to serious ecological, economic and psychological problems. Many inhabitants of the rural areas of Transylvania are at the beginning of this alienation due to the need to accept jobs in nearby factories or abroad. Many no longer have the opportunity to deal with agriculture and tradition. They have to give up their way of life for centuries. At the same time, there are also people who want to break away from the "technical peak" and return to the long-forgotten nature. An increasingly technology-based world requires people with skills in the field, which is not possible for a large part of the Romanian population living in the countryside.

Through an agritourism holiday in a village you can help farmers stay at home in their country and not become strangers in their own country while enjoying natural products produced by them themselves.< /p>