Learn more about tourism in romania

Julius Fabini
Sep,05 2022

The base for your adventures in Romania

For a successful vacation experience, you need nice accommodation and good food. On our website, we present you with a handpicked selection of cozy places. Here you will find the perfect country hotel for your adventures.

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Varga Teodora
Jul,06 2022

Discover the treasures of Barcut

Barcut is a small village in the Hartibaciu Valley, that just makes you want to visit it and connect to nature. It is a relaxing, but also interesting location that will surprise you at every step.

Reading time: 4 Minutes
Varga Teodora
Jun,01 2022

A combination between culture and fun

Copsa Mare or Grosskopisch in German is a quiet village located in the valley near Biertan. With its special architecture and a fortified church that measures up, it invites you for a relaxing walk to admire it.

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