Evangelic Church Nou Sasesc

The altar

Behind the currently displayed altar hides the previous one, which dates back to around 1790 and depicts the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The current one was painted in 1929 and shows Blessings of the children.

Baptismal font

The baptismal font is from 1925 and made from oak. The previous one can be seen in the second picture. It is currently in the bell tower.


The currant bell dates back to 1929. There is also evidence of the previous ones being from 1648 and 1508. There are some interesting legends around the village about the bells. According to some sources, after a devastating tatar attack, only the bell remained from the old church, but it was too big to be transported to the new church. This fact led to the melting down of the bell, which resulted in the three bells that are in the church today. However, other people say that one of the bells was brought in the 16th century and that one of the bells was sent from Canada, by former Saxons.


The first mention of an organ is from 1800.


1305 First evidence of Nou Sasesc / Neudorf as domain of the family Apafi. It was likely a secondary settlement of Malmkrog.
1322 Nou Sasesc is part of Alba Iulia county.
1658 The village is burnt down by tartars.
1760 Nou Sasesc becomes part of the city Elisabethstadt.
1928 The Church is renovated for the most part.

Places in the surroundings