Churchcastle in Valea Viilor


The altar was built in 1779 by Stephan Folbarth. It shows Jesus Christ on the cross, with Paulus on the right and Johannes on the left.


The benches are a mix between late gothic and renaissance. They were crafted in 1528, which make them almost 500 years old.


The pulpit lid is from 1746. Its decorations are made from wood.

Baptism font

It is made from sandstone. There is no date for when it was built. But it is estimated to have been built in the early 16th century.

Church organ

The organ was built between 1807 and 1808 by Melchior Achxs. It has 14 registers and a manual.


The major bell was cast in 1869. The 3 minor ones were cast in 1926.


Between the late 15th century and the early 16th century the church was fortified with a much higher choir and weir walk. The bell tower is also fortified to a donjon. The bailey was built about 6-7 meters tall. There was an entrance building, two stories tall, with a portcullis. In the south, north and east there were two bastions and a tower constructed. Later, there were a further two bastions added called "Fruchtkammern".


1263 First mention of the village.
1300-1400 Construction of the church.
1305 The village is domain to a feudal lord.
1359 Valea Viilor has become a free village under the king.
1415 Armed squires of the Transylvanian bishop banish the church pastor with force.
1450-1550 Fortification of the church.
1511 Valea Viilor and Medias had to endure many hardships through fire. They are exempt from any tax for the next 3 years.
1516 There are 95 families, a shepherd, 2 millers and a teacher living in the village.
1532 There are now 122 families living in the village.
1777 Noble Michael Apafi orders the officials of the village, to send food to Ben Izmail Aga's army in Timisoara.

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