Fortified church in Movile


The current altar was constructed in 1840, however it uses three paintings of older, unknown origin.

Baptismal font

The baptismal font that can be seen in the church is from 1584, but it was painted over in 1902.

Church organ

The organ was built in 1862 by Samuel Mätz. It has 10 registers and a manual. It was repaired in 1913 by Karl Einschenk.


The bells in the belltower were made pre- reformation, around 1400. They all have Latin inscriptions.


The inner bailey is likely from the 15th century, while the other towers and baileys are from the 16th century.


1355 Movile is mentioned in a feud between many Transylvanian villages as part of the chair of Sibiu.
1368 King Louis the first of Hungary (and later Poland) camps near the village.
1400 Movile is part of the Schenker main chapter.
1488 Movile hosts 54 families alongside a mill and a school.
1532 The population climbs up to 74 families
1579 Movile may host a shoemaker's guild now.
1927 Construction of a protestant community center.

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