Fortified Church Merghindeal

Baroque altar

The baroque altar is the work of the cabinetmaker Johann Hüttig (Sibiu). It was erected in 1794. In the center of the altar is a group of wooden statues, Christ, Mary Magdalene, John and two angels. The predella contains a picture of the Last Supper.


Around 1777 an organ was built by Johannes Hahn. It has a manual and 9 registers.


The medieval large bell bears the majuscule inscription "O REX GLORIE VENI CUM PACE". ("O KING OF PEACE, COME WITH PEACE"). The small bell is also from the 18th century.

Castle wall

A square ring surrounds the church. The walls were equipped with loopholes and battlements. Only the insertion holes of the beams can be seen from this. A fortified tower in the south-west corner has a pyramidal roof, the tower in the south-east corner has a pent roof.


1200-1300 Construction of a three-nave Romanesque basilica.
1336 Count Peter of Merghindeal appears as a witness before the Alba Iulia chapter.
1434 Vlad Dracul, Prince of Wallachia, resides in Merghindeal.
1494 Merghindeal receives support from the Treasury of the Province of Sibiu.
1500 Merghindeal is a municipality of the Cincu chair, in which 60 families, 4 shepherds, 3 poor people and a school rector live.
1500 The basilica is rebuilt fortified.
1566 A crowd of Turks is attacked by farmers from Merghindeal, who manage to free 17 prisoners of war.
1600 Troops of Michael the Brave cause great damage to the community, especially the Church.
1777 The brick organ gallery is built.

Places in the surroundings