Churchcastle in Iacobeni

Middleship and choir

They were constructed in the 14th century. In the late 15th century the net ceiling was rebuilt in late gothic manner.


As of today, there are three bells in the belltower / donjon. One is from 1908 and the other two from 1923. A prior bell was mentioned in 1858, that supposedly came from 1645 with latin inscription.

Church organ

The mechanical organ with twelve registers is above the altar, something relatively uncommon in saxon churches. It was built by Samuel Mätz.

Outer walls

The churchcastle has two baileys, something very particular for a churchcastle in a village. One side of the outer bailey is missing today. There used to be one more tower too. Contemporary to its construction, the churchcastle could have withstood a considerable force. Although not in its best shape right now, it still holds great magnificence when standing in front of it.


The altar shows Jesus being taken off his crucifixion cross. There is the previous altar in the praying room. It was manufactured in 1685 and repaired in 1748.


1309 Iacobeni is first mentioned in a legal inquiry between villages and the Alba Iulia chapter.
1374 Iacobeni is part of the Cincu seat in Transylvania.
1500 Iacobeni is home to some 75 families, a mill and a school.
1547-1549 Feud between Dealu Frumos and Lacobeni.
1745 The church receives new benches with decorations.

Places in the surroundings