Churchcastle in Hosman


The classical altar was manufactured from 1803 to 1804 by Johannes Krempels. It shows Jesus Christ hanging from the cross.


The classical pulpit was built in 1804 as well. It is decorated with gold in some places.

Church organ

The organ is from 1807, has 8 registers and a manual. The first organ to be used in the church, was built in 1594, which makes the churchcastle one of the very first, to have an organ.


The major bell was cast in 1911, and the minor one in 1930.


Most fortifications were built during or around the 15th century. The two baileys used to host stairways above the walls. The inner- bailey could be further defended through four towers connected to the stairways. The outer- bailey had two more towers. The inner- bailey is shaped in a perfect oval, and stands 7 meters tall. The southwestern tower used to be the home for the priest. The gate tower was built in 1502 and has a portcullis, that still exists today.


1280 The church is built in Romanesque architecture.
1319 First mention of Hosman.
1456 The Romanian count (voivode) Vlad Tepes burns down several villages, including Hosman.
1500 In the village live 14 families, a shepherd and a blacksmith.
1509 Sibiu supports poor people from Hosman.
1532 The village is now home to 41 families.
1601 Troops of Michael the brave raid the churchcastle.
1658 Some citizens decide to chase after a group of ottomans and are therefore arrested by the authorities of Sibiu. The citizens are then freed after paying a ransom.
1828 Plague of locusts.
1859 Construction of a catholic church in the village.

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