Fortified church Felmer


The classicist altar dates from the 19th century. The main image represents the praying Savior and a large angel and is decorated by Corinthian columns, wooden arches, crowns and vases.


The organ was placed above the altar. The organ, built in 1780, is the work of Johannes Prause (Brasov). Today it is in Făgăraș.


Around the church, in the 15th century, a polygonal ring is built, preserved in the north and east, reinforced by three fortification towers with pyramid roofs. The present bell tower is added to the church in 1795.


1200-1300 Construction of a three-aisled Romanesque basilica, of which the east apse and the chancel square have been preserved. The choir vault is supported by blinded columns.
1206 First documented mention as "villa Weimer".
1400-1500 A polygonal ring is built around the church, preserved to the north and east, reinforced by three fortification towers with pyramidal roofs.
1455 The council of the city of Sighisoara writes to the Sibiu council that the honorable man "Stephanus Pylgrem dictus de Felmer" has been innocently robbed of his goods by the Rupea king's judge Jakob Creb. The Sibiu council is asked to take care of the injured party.
1494 Felmer received the amount of 8 guilders from the treasury of the city and province of Sibiu, which was definitely intended for construction work on the church.
1500 The church is fortified. A brick fortified storey was erected above the chancel. The choir walls are reinforced inwards.
1532 Felmer has 21 houses.
1534 The Transylvanian voivode and bishop Emerich Czibak is killed by partisans Ludovicus Grittis in the vicarage of Felmer.
1658 The place is mostly destroyed by Turks.
1848 112 Saxons and 58 Romanians and Roma die of cholera.

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