Fortified Church Crainimăt


There is a Late-Gothic round-arched tabernacle alcove in the northern choir wall, with engaged Gothic scrollwork decoration.


The baroque altar has a small picture of the Last Supper on the predella. In the center field of the altar is a statue of Christ with a chalice. The center field is flanked by two pairs of columns, spiral and round. Further out are statues of Moses and John. The lateral outer edge of the altar is formed by baroque tendrils. Above the massive cornice is a crucifixion image bordered by volutes, flanked by two angels, above which is a radiantly surrounded eye of God. On the back is the following inscription: "Pictum AD 1761 d. 29. Septemb. sub Pastoratu P D. D. Mich. Gross, Georg Hanik, Martin Mössel, aeditui".

Bell tower

The bell tower, north of the church, is built flush into the ring wall that surrounds the church in an irregular oval. The 2nd and 3rd floors of the tower are made of stone and have small window openings with stone surrounds. The upper floor above, which also serves as a clock room, is made of bricks. On the first floor, on the east side, we find a bricked-up door with a round-arched jamb made of hewn stone. The door once led out onto the battlements. The three lower floors were built around 1500, possibly on the foundations of an older tower.


The gateway under the tower has a pointed stone frame as a portal to the outside. On the inside there is also a stone arched portal with simple round bar decoration.


1264 First documented mention of the place. In a letter from Pope Urban IV to King Stephen, four occupied villages are mentioned, including Crainimăt ("Querali").
1480-1520 Construction of a late Gothic church made of stone.
1494 The inhabitants of the village complain to King Vladislas II about the Count of Bálványos, who prevents them from regulating the river.
1711 Soldiers set fire to the village, causing great damage.
1988 The organ from 1874 built by Wilhelm Hörbiger from Sibiu was sold to Sfântu Gheorghe.

Places in the surroundings