Fortified church Copsa mare

Belltower / Donjon

The belltower was originally constructed in the 14th century, but later modified for hardships during the 16th century. Also the roof was constructed during this preparation. After a recent renovation, the clock of the belltower functions properly again.


Because of the middleship's destruction by the szeklarian troops, it was later rebuilt in different architecture from 1795 to 1797.


The altar that can currently be seen in the church was manufactured in 1854. The previous one was likely damaged.


The pulpit was put there in 1796 and later gold plated in 1857 and 1858.


The organ that is currently installed, is from the year 1800, although there was a previous one from around 1763.


One bell is from 1550 and the other one from 1936.

Outer wall

The outer wall was constructed in the 16th century and about 3-4 meters in height. There was also a drop gate.

Lost towers

There used to be two more towers at the outer wall. One in the north-east and one in the south-west. They were demolished in the 19th century.


1283 First mention of Copsa mare as a community that is part of the Medias chapter.
1336 War with neighboring Malmkrog about territory.
1359 Copsa mare is a free community as direct vassal of the hungarian king.
1477 The community denies succession to a young count. Because he cannot proof his legitimacy before court, Copsa mare becomes independent of any lord.
1532 The community of Copsa mare counts some 126 families.
1605 The village is plundered by szeklarian troops of the duke Steffan Bocskai.

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