Fortified church in Cincsor


The previous altar from 1655 of the church can be found in the Brukenthal museum in Sibiu. The current one was manufactured in 1868. The main paintings was done by Dörschlag.


The classical pulpit was built in 1835.

Church organ

The organ is regarded as being one of the most beautiful ones in all of Transylvania. It was built in 1805 by Samuel Mätz. It was repaired in 1885 and has now 10 registers and a manual.


The major bell is from 1937 and the middle one from 1644. It bears a german inscription. The minor bell is from 1489.


In the second half of the 15th century, the church was fortified with a bailey, a portcullis and four more towers. A further bailey, portcullis and half tower were added in the 16th century. The pastor used to live in a story above the inner portcullis in the gate tower.


1200-1300 Construction of the church.
1332 First mention of the village in accounting papers of the pope.
1400-1450 The church is rebuild in gothic architecture.
1450-1500 Fortification of the church.
1500 There are 18 families and 3 shepherds in the village.
1532 There are now 27 families living in the village.
1599 Mercenaries of Michael the brave burn down the village.
1659 Duke Achatius Barcais's troops camp near the village and take recourses from the citizens.
1680 The village has gotten poor through high taxes and strict laws. Duke Apafi grants law exemptions to the village, in order to restore prosperity.
1689 The Austrian crown demands payment for "freeing" them. These funds are for many villages insurmountable, inclouding Cincsor, which has to go into debt for over 150 years.
1859 Construction of a bridge. Before, crossing the river had to be done with a ferry.
1912 An ancient roman camp is dug up near the village.

Places in the surroundings