Fortified church in Bradeni


The current altar is from 1912 and is made up from a painting by Arthur Coulin on wooden background. The previous one was crafted in 1827, and later repaired.


The benches are likely from the late 18th or early 19th century.


The pulpit is from 1776 and was crafted by Martin Glatz. However the pulpit lid was made in 1808.


The organ was installed between 1815 and 1817 by Samuel Mätz. It has 13 registers and a manual. The organ the church is above the altar, which is very uncommon in most Transylvanian churches.


There are three bells installed under the roof. They all bear Latin inscriptions. The major one was cast in the 15th century and the other ones are from 1649 and 1574.

Mystery about chests

On the upper floor are over 2 floors full of so-called "Neighbourhood crates". Together these count over 120 chests. These were once painted, and probably filled with everything from supplies to costumes. Exactly why so many chests can be found in Bradeni is unclear.


The emporiums are from 1802 and 1912. They are lavishly decorated with paintings.


1297 First mention of Bradeni.
1426 Bradeni is a free community as part of the chair of Sighisoara.
1500 In Bradeni live 59 families and 4 shepherds. There is also a school.
1503 A fire ravages inside the village. It is exempt from any tax for 3 years.
1506 Bradeni is not able to pay its tax.
1532 In the village live 53 families.
1658 Ottoman troops burn down half the village.

Places in the surroundings