Churchcastle in Biertan

Outer walls

The hill on which the churchcastle sits, is surrounded by two rows of walls, which stand 12 meters tall at their maximum. They were likely built around 1468.

Catholic tower

South of the church stands the catholic tower. It hosts wall-paintings and as it's name suggests, it was built before the reformation.

Other towers

Every tower is equipped with embrasures, for defensive purposes.


The large winged-altar is made up of 28 pieces, that were manufactured between 1483 and 1515. They show scenes out of the lives of the virgin mary and young jesus christ.

Shingle-covered stairway

The churchcastle is accessible through the long shingle-covered stairway.


1283 Biertan is first mentioned in a document, containing a contract between the village, and the bishop of Weissenburg.
1532 Biertan counts more households than Medias.
1564 A fire destroys about 75 houses.
1572 Biertan becomes an episcopal see in Transylvania for 295 years.
1638 Biertan hosts a paper mill.
1694 The Austrian empire "free's" Biertan, and demands high taxes as payback. These taxes are insurmountable for the village, thus the village takes loans from nobles. Among other things, the churchcastle has to be sold.
1741 Due to debt most citizens have left, and only 10 houses remain well-maintained.
1793 After 100 years, the village's debt is finally settled.

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