Fortified church in Barcut


The altar is in baroque style and was crafted in the years 1766 and 1767. It shows Jesus Christ on the cross. It was manufactured by Johann Folbarth.


The baroque pulpit as well was built by Johann Folbarth in 1792.

Church organ

In 1765 Organ builder Johann Raab from Brasov builds the magnificent organ for the church, that is still in use, and thrones above the middleship today. It has 22 registers and two manuals.


The bell is from before the reformation, and has a Latin inscription. It is over 500 years old.


1206 First mention as "villa Baramcuth".
1400 Barcut becomes part of the Schenker's chapter.
1488 Barcut is home to 50 families, a school, a mill and 3 shepherds.
1532 It counts some 80 families now, which makes it third biggest in the near region, behind Agnita and Iacobeni.
1547 The church is raided by hostile troops.
1772 A large fire devastates Barcut, barely any house survives.
1810 Another fire plagues the village.
1912 Construction of a community center on the "Steinhöhe" (stone hill).

Places in the surroundings