Fortified church in Băgaciu


The altar is one of the older altars in best shape in all of Transylvania. It was crafted in 1518 and repaired in Vienna in 1896. It shows depictions of saints.


The benches are also one of the oldest present in churches all over Transylvania. They were made in 1533 by Johannes Reichmut. They have paintings on the sides, which show dragons, basilicas and an Owl.

Church organ

The organ was built in 1804 by Samuel Mätz. It has 10 registers and a manual. It was converted to pneumatic system in 1922.


The large bell is from the first half of the 15th century. The two minor ones are from 1922.

Baptismal font

The baptismal font is made of stone from the old vault.


1359 Bagaciu is a free community under the chair of Medias.
1366 Citizens of Bagaciu are tried for allegedly robbing and murdering a noble in his house, because he demanded tax for passing over a certain bridge.
1516 In Bagaciu live 101 families, a miller and a teacher.
1532 Some 119 families live in Bagaciu now.
1661 Ottoman troops besiege the fortified church and burn down the village.
1914 There is now an orphanage in Bagaciu.

Places in the surroundings