Churchcastle in Axente Sever


The baroque altar is from the year 1777. The paintings were made by Stephan Valepagi. On the main frame there is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, with Johannes and Maria.


Sacred figures are painted on the pulpit's brustice.

Church organ

An organ was built in 1777 by Johannes Hann for the church. The modern organ was built in the old housing in 1926.

The bell

The large bell was cast in 1699 and has Latin inscriptions.

The fortifications

The church was fortified in the 15th century. The ring wall and the gate tower were also built at this time. This used to have a portcullis.


1300-1400 Construction of the Gothic church.
1305 Axente Sever is domain to the noble family of Apafi.
1400-1500 Defense of the church.
1516 There are 61 families, 2 shepherds and a miller in the village.
1532 There are 84 families living in the village now.
1578 Legal feud between Axente Sever and Copșa Mică, that is resolved in favor of Axente Sever.

Places in the surroundings