Curchfortress Alma vii

The altar

The classical altar was erected in 1852. It consists of a statue of Christ flanked by four Corinthian columns and covered by a canopy.

The organ

The organ has 11 registers, it dates from 1791 and was built in the workshop of Andreas Eithel in Brasov.

The bells

The middle bell is from the 15th century and bears the inscription "O Gott peroth Maria hilf uns aus Not, das ich heit peginn das ist ein guet".

defensive walls

The church is rebuilt for defense. Two more storeys are bricked up above the chancel, the upper storey is protruding on profiled consoles, between which cast holes are left free.

Baptismal font and pulpit

The classicist baptismal font and pulpit correspond stylistically and chronologically to the altar.


1289 First documented mention: among the pastors of the Medias chapter, the pastor of Alma vii is listed.
1300 - 1350 A relatively small hall church was built at the beginning of the 14th century. This early dating is mainly based on the semi-circular triumphal arch made of sandstone.
1523 Alma vii and other places got burned down, King Ludwig II waived the tax for 3 years.
1532 57 farm owners live in the village
1573 The year is on today's hall vault. It refers to the net vault that covered the hall in the 16th century.
1804 The reticulated vault is removed and a baroque vault is erected.
1845 The cross vault of the choir is replaced by a flat ceiling.

Places in the surroundings